Greg & Russell's 1965 Imperial Convertible Restoration

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From: Greg & Russell
Date: 25 November, 2002

I went and visited "the child away at school" Friday but they were getting ready to paint so I was unable to get any good pictures. I really wanted to get some good shots of the chassis but it was all covered up.

The pictures I have are dark, but I'll send them on so you can see if there is anything you can do with them. We have lots of photos of the car from when we first bought it in '96. I tried to rephotograph them today with the digital cam and they look really good except for the problem of the gloss of the photos reflecting the flash or other light.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a piece of nonreflective glass from a framing shop to put them under and see if it makes a difference. I have lots of photos, not just the Imperial, I'd like to reshoot this way instead of buying a scanner. If it doesn't work of if you don't like them, I'll send you the photos. Story is coming soon, I promise, and we like your suggestion of mentioning problems and solutions we've encountered along the way.

More later, Russell


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