1965 Imperial Limousines Built by Ghia

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From Chris Hawkins:

A late addendum to the discussion of inaccuracies in the brochure photos... For those of you with the deluxe '65 Imperial brochure: I believe the photo of the Ghia limo on the center spread is "freshened" with '65 Hubcaps to update it from '64the Consumer Guide's "History of Chrysler" has a limo photo with the same chauffeur BUT wearing 1964 hubcaps!

(click small image for close-up view)

[I OWN the original, factory, 8-by-10 color negative of that image. I bought it from the Ross Roy collection in 1984. Those are definitely '65 hubcaps, and the car has the LeBaron script on the front fender, rather than the "C R O W N" insignia and Ghia badge of the early 60's Ghias. - Tony]

Also, it looks to me like the "bird's-eye" photos of the Coupe which reveal its quick brakes and effortless power steering are ALSO from 1964. Do you think Chrysler had too many great shots of the '64 that they just finessed to fit into the '65 promo materials? Or is it just wishful thinking on the part of this '64 owner?

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From Elosge:

I looked at my 1965 Imperial prestige brochure last night and looked at the Ghia limo again. I came across another interesting phrase about the limo similar to other non-environmentally sensitive phrases in the brochure: sheared Mouton carpeting... now what does that mean? I looked up Mouton in the dictionary, and it said mouton is sheared sheepskin, so sheared Mouton seems kind of redundant. But is that really what the carpeting is made of?

The other non-environmentally sensitive phrases involve cutting down a whole tree for the claro walnut trim (rough translation), and using whale oil to treat the leather. Another era for sure! I know they still use wood and leather, but the way it's described is different today.

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