1965-66 Imperial Valve Cover Stickers

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Click on the picture below to download a full-size file suitable for printing your own reproduction 1965-66 Imperial valve covers stickers.  The silver background shown below will be white in the printable file; use metallic silver/chrome (mirror finish), adhesive-backed inkjet paper in your printer, then seal with clear enamel or polyurethane to create an authentic-looking reproduction.


Correct life-size dimensions of 8.00" x 1.75" per sticker will be seen when opening the file with a photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop.  To print the sheet of (5) valve cover stickers, open the file above, reset the resolution to 600 dpi, and the image height to 10.0 in. (which will also set the width to 8.00 in.)

Cut out each sticker along the thin black lines provided as a guide.

Feel free to write if you need help reproducing these items.

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