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From: Tim Dasenbrock My real name is Timothy Jay Martin Alexander Augustus Dasenbrock von Turn und Taxis. I know, it's quite a mouthful. Please call me Tim. I live in the St. Louis metro area in a suburb called Kirkwood, Mo. I was born in the area, but have lived on the east coast and the south, always coming back home.

As for what I like about Imperials, well that could take pages! Suffice it to say that my grandmother drove them and would have nothing else. That's good enough for me! They were fast, comfortable and oh so stylish.

My favorite model? The 1969 year just sends a shiver through me. Maybe it's the hidden headlights or the sequential taillights, or that little pillow attached to the C pillar you could lay your head against and drift off to sleep. Grandmother always bought them in the triple black combo, and that's what I want too. Although I found one with a gold leather interior that I'm closing in on.

So, you want to know how I came to own Imperials?

Once upon a time, (April '97), I was riding with my sister through a less than perfect neighborhood. Boarded buildings, weed infested lots, and litter as decoration seemed to be the rule of thumb. We were there to collect rent on Marjorie's many properties.

Anyway, as we rounded a corner, I caught a glimpse of a car behind a fence. "Stop the car! I think that was an Imperial!" The antilocks were activated.

"What Bunnies Fear Most"

I couldn't believe my eyes! A '65 Imperial was just sitting there, neglected and forgotten. Turning to Marjorie, I let it be known that I would love to make that car "right" again. And in one of those funny twists of fate, Marjorie picked up the phone and called the owner. Thecar was in my driveway a few days later.

It was then that reality checked in. Since I had never worked on a car before, I hired a mechanic to teach me. My first job was to install a new battery. I hooked it up backwards, and fried a relay. My second job was to replace the relay.. ^)

The car is a '65 Imperial Crown 4 door hardtop. Finished in a classic black and white color combo, the car has almost every option fitted to it. Besides the usual power goodies, the car has;

Tilt wheel

AM/FM stereo with reverberator

Power 6 way seat

Dual A/C

Leather trimmed interior (I'll put in a full leather interior when I get that far)

I'm still working on making this car road-worthy. It's a lot of work, but it sure is satisfying.

My second Imperial is a '62 LeBaron hardtop. The car's exterior is in classic black, while the interior is a medium blue. (I have since given this car to my father for Father's Day)

The LeBaron is an unrestored, low mileage car, purchased from the original owner's son.

Not a heavily optioned car, it was ordered with;

Dual A/C

Power 6 way seat

Power Door Locks

Power vents

Gravel guard package.

The trunk even carries the original three-ring whitewall spare tire.


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