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I have been in love with Imperial since I was a kid in southern California, especially the 62 LeBaron and Crown convertible. I first saw an Imperial in a Chrysler show room with my parents in 1981 when I was 13. It was a white 62 convertible, probably at the dealership as an attention get'r to promote the "return" of the marque.

The dealer had a heck of a time trying to tactfully explain why the cars out on the lot were not quite the Imperial I was looking at in the showroom even though they all said Imperial right on the car!


I got my first Imperial, a 1965 LeBaron when I was stationed in Norfolk Va in 2001. It spent its entire life there since first purchased August 4, 1965

at "Wynn-Wright" dealership (per the inscription in the "operating instructions" included with the car).


I had just returned from an extended naval deployment in the Persian gulf and my bank account reflected it (Thanks to all the stuff going on in the

world at the time, we weren't able to pull in to manny liberty ports and thus had no place to spend all that extra sea pay). Mad cash!


I Looked through all the ads I could and voila! There was one, a 65 LeBaron right here in town man! The first owner died and The second owner lived just

a few doors from the original owner and never did anything with it.


The interior is red thru out and all the walnut paneling is intact save for one.

The seats are red leather and in great shape aside for cracks and fading on the front seat. It should be a cinch to restore. I just received the LeBaron

script for the back of the front seat witch was missing (thank you Chris Hawkins, I probably still haven't figured out how to repay you for that man!) .


Red carpet (suffered from neglect and faded somewhat). A hole in the carpet drivers side floor well down to the base board shows wear from a sharp heel

having been placed there many times. A friend tells me the large black floor mat across the back floor was a dealer option. Its large thick and has a lion and crest.


The original paint color was white and like most first re-paints the current coat is not in good shape (thanks to Earl "Ill paint any thing on wheels for

the dirt on your shoes" Scheib). This will be remedied in the fall. Im still deciding the color.


The pictures were taken at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington D.C. In the front grill shot and about 30 ft behind the Imperial is an elaborate

stone bench memorial, the grave of John Philip Sousa and family.

Options on my LeBaron include:


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