Alan Soule's 1965 Imperial LeBaron

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From: Alan Soule

I saw this car on E-bay last fall, noticed that the seller was within an hour of me, and got in touch with him after the auction had ended. I had been the high bidder and was invited to drive up and see the car. Fell in love with it at first sight and had no problem with his price. I've had several things done to it including new front end, carrier bearing and its hard rubber support ( from Lowell Howe), rear seal, valve cover gaskets and elec. voltage regulator. The car currently is showing 28035 miles about 450 of which are mine. The A/C even works and the four or five days I need it here its very welcome.

I wish I had time to work on my cars but running my own business really keeps me stuck inside. Luckily I know a good shop just down the road. Glad you liked the pictures, hope others do too.

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