Leo Blais's 1966 Crown Convertible

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Here is Leo Blais 's Gorgeous 66 Crown Convertible Imps of Omaha parade car. Here you see Leo during a BRIEF stop in Omaha Nebraska after picking up the car in Hastings Nebraska and heading home to the East Coast. It was cold day in Nebraska!

It is a former Imps of Omaha Parade car. These cars were purchased by the Tangier Shriners in Omaha Nebraska who flew up to Detroit and drove in group from the factory to Omaha Nebraska They then drove the matching cars in parades throughout the Midwest to promote and raise money for the activities they sponsor. They bought the first Imperial convertibles off the line from the 50's until 1968 when Imperial convertibles ceased production. At that time they switched to Caddy converts until they too ceased production in the mid 80's. Then they went to matching red 64-65 Mustang convertibles.

The 12/24/98 issue of Old Cars Weekly has a story on page 27 regarding the "Tangier Imps" motor unit of the Omaha Shriners chapter. Here's a summary:

The motor unit had been parading in homemade 1/2 scale race cars but decided on moving up to something larger and more impressive in 1957 and the new Imperial convertibles fit the bill. Each member of the Imps bought and maintained his own convertible for personal and Shrine events. 15-21 cars were bought each year thru the last year of the Imperial convertible in '68.

Here is a 67 Imps of Omaha Shriner car which has the original interior and is currently for sale in Lincoln, Nebraska

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