1966 Imperial Limousines

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Chris Hawkins had a chance to drive the '66 Barrieros Imperial Limousine picture below.

I drove it a few years back. It had 35k miles on it at the time and was wonderfully tight and solid. It was similar to the Ghia limos, but had rear facing pull down jump seats. It may have been an optical illusion but I think this car may have been a couple of inches longer than "standard" Ghias.

This car had a 1965 dash with column gearshift, and a 1965 rear bumper, trunklid and fender peak trim. The grill was a 1966 as you can see. No doubt all the 1966 Barreiros limos began life as 1965 LeBaron kit cars with convertible frames - the same way 1965 Ghia limos began life as 1964 LeBarons.

Apparently this car was first sold in Saudi Arabia, thus the white color. Later in its life it did time as an Embassy car in D.C. before ending up in private hands. Alas, some time during its storage, a cat had been inadvertanly locked in the rear of the car and had made shreds of the original upholstery.

The company is still in business (October 2003) and more info can be found on the Spanish web site at:





A 1966 Imperial LeBaron gifted to Pope Paul VI for his U.S. visit


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