1966 Imperial Spotter's Guide

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This is a great picture of a 66 Crown 4 door. This particular car has the optional vinyl top and looks fantastic.

66 LeBaron Ad

This ad photo shows the 66 LeBaron. All LeBarons are four doors with frameless side windows. This particular model does not have the optional full vinyl top. All 66 Imperials employed extensive use of wood veneer on the inside of these cars made from 100+ year old trees!

The 66 Imperial Crowns were the entry level Imperials for this year. All 66 Imperials shared the beautiful Elwood Engel designed bodies and the unique "egg crate" grille design.

4-door Hardtop With all the windows down. The lack of a center post gave a real open air feel to the driving experience.

66 Convertible

This photo of an Imperial Convertible. Drivers of these convertibles could count on seeing others like it only rarely because only 514 of these models were produced for the year. This particular car was once an "Imps of Omaha" Parade car owned by a Shriner in Omaha Nebraska.

66 Steering Wheel

This shows the tilt steering wheel used on this year of Imperials with the thin rim of metal inside. All Imperials of this year had extensive use of real wood trim interspersed throughout the interior.

Note the gold eagle adorning the center of the wheel!

Non Tilt

Here is a shot of the non tilt steering wheel for 66.

The 1966 Crown Coupe in Formal White with vinyl roof.

Coupe interior showing wood trim and supple leather seats treated with the finest quality materials including Whale oil!

Rear view

The back of the 66 Imperial was equipped with lots of chrome.This Imperial shows the proper placement of the Imperial script on the trunk. The rear bumper has been described as looking like a propeller. Note the one year only 2 piece red tail light lenses.

Here you can see clearly the Eagle medallion on the convertible top boot cover. This same design was used for 64-66 Convertibles, and are highly sought after today.

Backup Light Lenses

Here you see the one year only backup light lens has been moved down into the bumper from the 64-65 design.

Headlight glass

This shows the glass headlight covers used for 66 only. Note the 24K Gold bands around the glass. A real "Touch of Class". This is a one year only feature.

gas door eagle

The gas tank filler is found behind the round eagle which swings down for access to the gas cap. This particular style of gas filler cover is used for 64-66 Imperials.

Golden Gas Door of the 66 LeBaron. This is the same door as the rest of the 66 Imperials but the LeBarons added a gold colored aluminum highlight to the already stunning chrome eagle.

66 Side view

This view of a Crown 4 door side, shows the extensive use of chrome including the rocker panels and wheel wells as well as the tops of the fenders and accents around the roof.

Full Frame

1966 Was the last year for the full frame Imperial. Starting in 67 the Imperial went to Uni-body construction. This promotional graphic shows the incredible strength of the full frame.

Dash wood

This shows the 100 year old Claro Walnut lavished upon the interior of the 66 Imperials. Only the finest will do for an Imperial!

Great Grille!

Here we see another example of the 66 Imperial grille, in all its chrome plated glory!

Bright Red convert!

Here is one nice-rare 66 convertible owned by Wayne Jorgensen.

Brochure cover

This is the cover of one of the 66 Imperial brochures showing the entire 66 line!

Pie Pan

The top center portion of the air cleaner assembly has what is commonly referred to as a pie plate insert. This insert is not firmly attached to the air filter assembly .

1966 Wheelcover

This is the only wheel cover available on Imperials for this year, which helped give Imperials a more formal look. This wheelcover (with slight changes) was used until 1969.

Here's an extremely good shot of a Crown roof line. The LeBaron and the Crown use the same roof stamping, however the LeBaron uses the small formal back window.

engine compartment

Here's a fine example of what the engine compartment should look like. The coolant overflow tank on the right is not original.

Mobile Director Showcar

This shows the 1966 Imperial concept car that featured the prototype Mobile Director option later available on 67 and 68 Imperials.

Hood Ornament

Here is the beautiful sculptured Imperial Eagle hood ornament used on the 64-66 Imperials.

This is a picture of the brake booster and auto pilot unit used for 66.

66 LeBaron seats

This shows the embossed front leather seats used exclusively on the 66 LeBarons. The Eagle is stunning!

LeBaron rear seats

Here is a shot of the rear seats from the 66 LeBaron.

LeBaron roof eagle

Here's a nice picture of the eagle found on the C Pillar of the 66 Imperial LeBarons.

Trophy Winner

Here is a trophy winning 66 Crown 4dr.

Jays 66 4dr

Here is Jay McKee's former 66. What a looker!


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