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This is Matt Finnie's 1967 Crown Coupe, he is one of our members from the UK :



Here is his Data Plate :



Matt was kind enough to supply the photos and codes information found here:

Options this 1967 Imperial has, and I believe to be original are:

Auto Pilot

Auto headlight dimming

Electric bucket seats (may have been standard for the 2 dr crown)

A/C fed only

Tinted glass

Tilting steering wheel

Vinyl roof (although that has now been removed and painted gloss black)

Name plate on dash (reading R.A Nebergall)

I believe the car came originally from Oregon and ended up in Las Vegas. It was then shipped to the UK where it spent 2 years in Bromley London before ending up in Norwich with me 2 years ago.




Pages from the 1967 Service Manual courtesy of Henk Uijttenhout :





- - 1967 Trim Codes that we know - -

038         destination charge

81           440 cu.in. engine, 4bbl

83           9.15x15 whitewall tires - 3 ring

306         vinyl roof, formal black

318         paint stripe - formal black

395         torqueflite transmission

411         air conditioning with front heater

425         radio - golden touch tuner - am/fm
                includes power antenna, rear seat speaker, foot button control

452         power door locks, electric

454         power seat, drivers side only, 6-way

459         power vent windows

471         cleaner air package (California)

488         power trunk lid release

521         glass-tinted, all windows

542         mouldings - door edge protectors

569         steering wheel - tilt-a-scope

691         expedite

M9X         leather interior trim


If anyone has any additional code information, please contribute to this page by clicking on the "feedback" link below, and sending us an email.

We will need much more information to decode the various codes.


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