Joseph Zepko's 1967 Imperial Coupe

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I acquired the car from the original owner, a gentleman named J.S. Crane, who was the original purchaser. I was working for Chrysler Corp. in the position of field Service Engr. and met this owner who was trying to trade the car at a local retailer.

The car had not been well cared for, and the retailer was reluctant to put a lot of money in it for trade purposes...In his disgust, the owner said, well, he'd just give it away..I heard the conversation, the owner confirmed his statement, and I became the owner.

I drove it home and put it in the barn..Scrubbed and cleaned on it from time to time, drove it occasionally..Didn't have any problem getting replacement parts, since I worked for the manufacturer. As you can see from the pictures, it's a pretty nice car.

Fast forward to 1981..New Imperial being introduced..Went to Detroit to become the Imperial Wizard for the Atlanta Zone..Did the drive-away from centerline in the new car, then Corporate asked me to do a comparison of the old and the new (later).

I've spent a lot of $$$ on it, and it still needs a few items, but I'll get to it now that I'm retired.


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Front Rear Interior
Front seat Front seat Back seat
Engine compartment Engine compartment Engine paint

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