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Leslie's 1967 Imperial Sedan "Titanic"

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I've had my Sedan  since 1983 and it's been an ongoing project..    My lovely Haze Green Sedan "Titanic" was purchased new in Pomona CA by my great uncle.. He then sold it to my grandmother (his sister) in 1970, while my grandfather was out deer hunting!! ( You can imagine how thrilled my grandfather the GM Mechanic was to come home and find a Chrysler in his Driveway) I was always fond of the car, and when she decided to give up driving at age 83, she gave it to me... I have all the receipts and records for it since 1970. My Dad was almost as thrilled as my grandfather to find an Imperial in his driveway as my dad was always a FORD man.
We Were Younger Then
67 & 68
67 Imperial 62 Dodge Lancer

I got the Keys to Titanic on my 17th Birthday. August 1983! I've now had her for half my life... YIKES!!

Titanic with a friends 1968 Imperial in 1985

Titanic with a Friends 62 Dodge Lancer also taken in 1985

Titanic 1983
I drove Titanic untill 1987 then I stored her until 1994 and since then she's been on driver status.

Titanic in 1983



Titanic 1998

Fille'm Up


Imperial in Peterson Tunnel

Robb and I Filling them up before we head for WPC nationals the Full Size version of this Picture really shows the difference in Roof Profile between the Sedan and Hdtp and why I'm having such a rough time finding a gasket.

Nothing Like hitting the road in a Luxo-Cruiser!! This was taken on the way to WPC Nationals 1998, Robb took it from his 67 Imperial 2 Lane Highway in the middle of rural Oregon farm land on a sunny day!! Does it get any better?? I don't think so!!!

One of the Few Times all my brake lights worked :-) This was taken inside of Peterson Tunnel on Hwy. 126 for those of you who might someday cruise the roads in Oregon! Notice the hood of Robbs Imperial and Ornament are in the picture!

3 1967's



Robbs Crown, Ken Millers Convertible and My Sedan!  All Haze Green! To see the rest of the 1998 WPC National Photos Click here

My Dash prior to fixing Gas Sending Unit. So the warning light is on.



In 2001 I finally found my doors, I traded a derby guy my doors for his good ones and he threw in a bunch of other parts. The good part was I got to strip my doors before I took them to him, but I got complete doors from him, glass as well as interior panels and of course it was a green car too.
Imp parts Imperial Parts No Doors Door Hinges
Ranger loaded with Parts for Titanic Half an Imperial Filled it up Nicely. 4 doors, a complete Dash, Hood, and tons of Sedan Trim. Titanic after losing doors Door Hinges
No Doors
Mis-Matched Doors
Another shot of doorless Titanic. While Doorless she got her entire front end rebuilt and rear sway bar bushings. We attended the NW Junkyard prowlFall of 2001 with doors that we're painted a different color    
In Febuary 2002 we started the paint process. No Glass Titanic Minus Glass Passenger Side
  Titanic Loses Glass For Body shop and Vinyl Roof Driving her home from Glass shop minus the glass gave me a great shot of Titanics View Paint Dust floating around in this picture they had just blown it all over while sanding...
Front End PS Back Door Back End Rear Window
      Vinyl top prep work done, everything else in Process
Trunk DS Door Front Cowl Vent Rear PS Door
Rear Window Rear Fender Trunk Lid Trunk Lid
    Newly Painted side of Deck Lid  
New paint New Paint New Vinyl Close up of Vinyl
Titanic is Painted - Minus Glass Close up of new Paint New Vinyl Roof Close up of Grain
Titanic is not finished as I have not been able to find a rear window gasket for a sedan
57 In 1998 Robb "Mopar" Newton bought a 67 Imperial 4dr hdtp in Coos Bay Oregon I stored it for 6 weeks and he came out and attended WPC 1998 in Portland with me. This year I was able to visit him in Chicago and attend a local meet where I caught up with a few other IML'ers See that Visit Here

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