Leo Jormanainen's 1967 Mobile Director

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The car was advertised on the Imp club "cars for sale list" last spring. I flew down to Kentucky and drove the car home, about 4000 miles without any problems. It originally belonged to a Sheriff in Kentucky, who purchased it in Memphis Tennessee. Pictures #1 and #2 are from the previous owners place in Kentucky, that's his '68 "300" in the background. The rest are straight forward pic's of the interior. The car was purchased from JOHN T. FISHER MTR. CO. in MEMPHIS, TENN. on 10-26-66 The car is completely original, including the paint, which is " Turbine Bronze Metallic". I have the original owners manual and service-manual. I've replaced the rear brake drums, front rotors, pads, steering coupler between the column and box and turn-signal switch (one brake light didn't work, so I had to replace the switch). All the rest is original. I have 440 that I'm rebuilding using Mopar Performance "resto" parts to original Magnum TNT spec, with .030" over 9.00/1 comp. ratio pistons for today's gasoline. I was going to use dual stainless exhaust from Kanter Automotive. (damn expensive) The engine in the car, starts easily and "0" smoke out of the stack. The air-conditioning blows cold. It has; Air, Rear Seat Heater with Defroster, Power Windows including Vent windows, Power Door locks with Button for locking both doors, Power Drivers Bucket, AM/FM radio with rear speaker, Power antenna and foot button for search, Tilt-A-Scope Steering Wheel, Tinted Glass and oh, almost forgot, The Mobile Director Package. There's probably things I missed. There's zero rust on the car, the paint has it's normal 33 year old nicks and minor dings in it. I've been thinking about getting the car repainted, but I've heard pros and cons about it as far as value is concerned, do you have any opinion on this? The interior is mint except for the fabric on the drivers seat bolster, which is torn close to the seam. The tires are brand-new Uniroyals Nail-Guards. Well, I don't really have the gift of gab, so if you have any Questions or if I left anything out, ask or say so! I'll send one more picture of the trunk to you. You can't see it, but the Original White Three Ring Spare-tire and jack are in the trunk. I'm still going to dig out the build-sheet from underneath the rear seat. There was 79,000 miles on the car when I picked it up. There's 84,000+ on it now! I live in Skidegate on the Queen Charlotte Islands, about 100 miles off the mainland.

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