1967 Imperial Paint Chip Charts and Corresponding Codes

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A   Silver Mist Metallic
B   Formal Black
C   Aegean Blue Metallic
D   Wedgewood Blue
E   Regal Blue Metallic
F   Haze Green Metallic
G   Forest Green Metallic
K   Aqua Turquoise Metallic
L   Twilight Turquoise Metallic
M  Turbine Bronze Metallic
P   Flame
Q   Plum Red Metallic
R   Daffodil Yellow
S   Ivory
W  Persian White
X   Imperial Navaho Beige
Y   Imperial Fawn Metallic
Z   Cinnamon Gold Metallic
4   Imperial Fawn Metallic
5   Charcoal Grey Metallic
6   Dusty Pink Metallic
7   Ruby Metallic 


31B   Black
31D   Pale Blue
31J    Tan   

31M   Chestnut
31Q    Medium Red
31W   White 

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