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I was searching the internet, looking for parts for my 66 Fury III. I performed a search for 1964-1969 Chrysler products, when I saw an ad for 67 Imperial. I had never heard of this car (I was born in the last year of large--real--Imperial car production-1975). The gentleman only wanted $1000 for the car, and he said it ran. I figured, hey, it has a 440, I could sell that and maybe part the car out and make my money back. So down to Virginia I went. 600 miles later, I arrive at the gentleman's house. He was an older man, and his wife was after him to get rid of the car...it took up too much garage space. I looked the car over, and it was very beautiful under about an inch of dirt and dust. I immediately wen to the trunk to look under the trunk mat, because my Fury had rusted out back there. I looked under the carpet and it was bright white under there. I checked the floorboard for rust, and there was none there either. I took the car for a drive around the mans farm, and everything was nice. The car needed a new power brake booster and the power steering pump was in need of service. I told him I would buy the car. I spent every last dime I had, and three weeks later, I returned to buy the car. Also, the car came with a parts car. The parts car was also a four door sedan. Anyway, back to the good car. I drove my car 600 miles home without power brakes and hardly any brakes at all until the rust was worn away from the calipers and the drums. Then, about 5 miles from my house, I hear a really loud screech and loose power steering. The next morning, I unearth this car from the dust...surprise the car is actually white not yellow. So after replacing the power steering pump and power brake booster, I drove the car fine for about another 500 miles, then the water pump went. Replaced that. In the past year I have replaced the entire exhaust system, had the carb rebuilt, had the rear leaf spring re-arched and had a leaf added, replaced valve cover gaskets, had the A/C serviced, new plugs and wires, installed a remote trunk release (NOS), had the front end aligned and ride height adjusted, and turn signal switch replaced. Hopefully, I am done with repairs for now.

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