Herb and Yvonne Johnson's 1968 Imperial Coupe

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I've always been a Mopar fan. My brother bought a 69 Roadrunner new when I was 5. That got me going. I bought my first Mopar in 83, a 73 Roadrunner. I've bought and sold a number of Mopars since. I met my wife in 96. She owned a 72 Imperial in the past. Her sister and brother-in-law currently have a 65. That's when I introduced to Imperials and fell in love with the 67's and 68's. I put a "want ad" on the Imperial Club page for a 67 or 68 coupe. A couple of months later I got an e-mail from a gentleman (Bob) in San Francisco. He's was moving to Scandinavia and wanted to find a good home for his car. ( I would like to hear from him if he reads this.) He sent me pictures. I asked a friend of mine in San Fran to go take a look. He said if I didn't buy it, he would. That's all I needed to know and my wife and I bought the car. We had it shipped to Minnesota in September of '99. The truck driver said a number of people asked him about the car and even tried to purchase it. We were very pleased when it arrived. It' been fun to drive. Young and old have stopped to ask about it. I especially like driving it in a parade last summer. I was asked to carry the senior citizen king and queen. Email Herb and Yvonne

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68 Coupe Angle 68 Coupe Front 68 Coupe Side

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