Mitch McDonald's 1968 Four-Door Hardtop

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I was in the US Army stationed in Saudi Arabia when I came home on leave in June of '97.  I was out looking around here in Colorado Springs and I saw this light green Imperial, that looked really nice, for sale at a car lot in Motor City. I thought to myself that I would be really cool to own that car, but since I had to go back to Saudi Arabia I didn't give it a second thought. I went back to finish my tour in Saudi. While I was gone, my wife was saving money like mad and we bought a house while I was on leave. When I got back home after finishing my tour, my wife had saved enough money for us to buy a second car and buy stuff for the new house. I started looking for a car... I was looking for a large luxury car, maybe a mid- to early 60's Caddy or some other luxury car. I looked at several, including a 1954 Hudson Super Wasp and a late 50's Olds. Then I saw my Imperial in the newspaper for sale. I went and looked at it and test drove it and fell in love. Soon, I would come to find out it was the same Imperial I saw when I was home in June of  '97.  I tried out a couple of other cars but went back to the Imperial.  My wife talked the owner down from $4,995 to $3,950 and I was the proud owner of a fairly nice '68 Crown 4-door hardtop.  That was November of  '97.  Since then, I have done a lot of mechanical work including alternator, master cylinder and other routine stuff like a complete tune up and carburetor rebuild. In the summer of 2001 it will get new paint and new carpet and a new vinyl top then it will look new.




Here are a few more detailed pictures of Mac's beautiful '68 hardtop.


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