Roger Cooper's 1969 Imperial Crown Sedan

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Roger Cooper is the lucky owner of this beautiful 1969 Imperial Crown Sedan. 1969 was the last year for a four door sedan in the Imperial line until the brief return of the nameplate from 1990-1993.

According to Roger, this Imperial was originally purchased in Hillsville, Virginia. When the owners original owners passed away, it was sold at an estate auction. The new owner resided in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. This owner kept car for two years. During that time, he entered the car in two AAICA shows, where it won second place each time. This owner decided to the car at a Kruse auction in Charlotte, North Carolina, because his wife wanted to put her car in the garage.

Roger and his wife were at a car show where Roger was looking for a Jaguar. In an effort to escape the rain, they went in to the car auction. When the '69 was brought out for viewing, Roger immediately remembered a '71 Imperial that he had owned and enjoyed some 25 years earlier. On a whim, Roger began bidding on the car, and was soon the proud owner of this beauty, driving home in style.

Roger states, "I think the 69-73 Imperials are the best looking of the lot. I love the smooth lines of the car and the chrome front end. I have never driven a finer highway car than an Imperial."

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