Dwain Kinkoff's 1969 Imperial LeBaron

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Here are pictures of my baby.  I bought her from a private owner in North Canton, Ohio, in September 2005. The previous owner bought it from his deceased uncle's estate and had it for about a year and a half. From what the previous owner told me, his uncle bought it new in 1969 and put on about 68,000 miles up until 1976 or so. He then bought a Cadillac, and the Imperial pretty much sat unused. I was actually looking for a '71 or '72 Grand Fury Sport, as I used to own one. I saw this one on the Internet and it was close by so I thought I'd check it out. I always had a soft spot for Mopars, especially Imperials. One look and it was pretty much all over. Checked it out with my brother-in-law and saw that it was mostly untouched. She has no body work, original paint and almost like-new interior, and even still has the original undercoating. She still had J C Penney bias ply tires. Everything works on her. I did a complete tune up, replaced hoses and belts, flushed the cooling system, put on a new Edlebrock carb, new radial tires, and detailed the body, top and engine compartment. The car came with the original window sticker, owners manual with warranty book, and the original 1969 plates which I have registered with the car, and she is now wearing them. I make all the cruise nights in the area and have been to the Mopar Nats in Columbus and Norwalk Ohio. I have yet to see another '69 Imperial or any other fuselage body Imperial. She now has a little over 69,000 miles on her.

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