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My car (Miss Effie) was originally purchased by Effie Walkington at Bill Luke in Phoenix, Arizona. I have all documentation, including the original window sticker. Mrs. Walkington drove the car up until she was well into her 80's. Her family did not want her to continue driving the car at that point, so they hid the keys -- but Effie was determined to continue driving her car! She stole the keys, went to town, had numerous copies made. Her family's attempt to stop her failed, and when I bought the car I got 7 sets of keys!!

The original sticker price for Miss Effie was $7711. I am the third owner. The car had been in Phoenix until late 1996, when I had her shipped here. She arrived in Pennsylvania in an enclosed semi trailer with four vipers accompanying her! What a ride!!! She is now garaged every winter here, and she has never been on a road that has been recently salted, and never will be as long as I own her. I become a pedestrian in the winter. She has 93K on her.

Many people do not know what she is, as you can tell by the looks they give her. The car is noticed around this small town -- once upon an introduction to someone, that person stuttered and said "you, you drive, that car!" They know me through the car. I have had people knock on my door when car was parked in street and ask me if i knew who owned it. I tell them that I do and they laugh, then they tell me they expected some blue-haired old lady to own it! Now you know I am not a blue-haired old lady! Kids at stop lights ask me what is under the hood and when I tell them, they do not seem to know what a 440 is!!

The car is a joy to drive, and it is a work of art! I sure get a lot of waves while driving her.





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