Tony Fortner's 1969 Imperial LeBaron Coupe

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Here are a few pictures of my 1969 Imperial LeBaron coupe. I have had this car for nearly 5 years now, and I just love it. I have really gone through this car in many areas. The Budd brakes, of course, needed to be rebuilt, but I would not convert them for any reason.  I have gone through the transmission, re-covered the seats, and replaced the tires and new exhaust as well. 

Even though this car has the larger "Crown" rear window, it is actually a LeBaron!  Here's the story about it: when I purchased it from the seller in Detroit, the back window had been broken at one time, and they replaced it with a larger rear window for a Crown.  The previous owner didn't keep the window insert because he liked the larger rear window.  I guess we all get rid of things that we don't feel are necessary at the time, but now I wish I had the correct rear window! If you know of someone who has an insert, please let me know so I can make it original someday! For right now, it will have the larger back window.

This is also a rather strangely optioned car. It has the rear heat and defrost, but no power windows.  It does have the bucket seats with the door stretcher, but yet only came with the AM radio.   This car also serves as a great machine for pulling my 26 ft camping trailer in the summer!  It pulls the camper effortlessly and looks good doing it. It still needs a few trim pieces that I am having a hard time locating, but I will still find them.

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