Duane Neufeld's 1971 Imperial LeBaron With the Rare Paisley Vinyl Roof Option

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This Imperial was purchased on October 23, 1970, in Regina, Saskatchewan, by my grandfather. It was driven nearly everyday for the next ten years. My father probably put several of the 100,000 miles on it. I'm told that I'm the only kid he knew to have his diaper changed in the back seat of an Imperial at 130 mph! 

My grandfather parked the car in 1980 with the intent of restoring it. Not that it needed it--he always had sheets on the seats and the only time it was left outside was when it was parked at church. He did have it painted to the original color to cover up some small rock chips in the front end. He put new tires and exhaust on the car and parked it in a shed on my family farm. 

We have driven it over the years to make sure it still all works. Since it hasn't run much in the last 23 years, we are giving it some good TLC now and it is running awesome.

It is an amazing old car and I'd love to sell it to someone who could afford to take care of it and drive it. I have three small kids, so it would be a disaster to have them and the car seats and all the gummy bears and spills that go with kids in this car. It's too nice for me to drive!

The paisley vinyl roof is a rare option and really stands out if it is shined up.


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For more information about this car, please contact Duane Neufeld.

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