Tony Fortner's 1971 Imperial LeBaron

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This 1971 Imperial LeBaron four door hardtop belongs to Tony Fortner. Of this car, Tony states,

"The car is an original lifetime California car with no rust whatsoever. I paid only $1400 for the car and then had it trucked to my home in Ohio. After buying it, I learned that it had been used in background scenes of Casino, a movie of that era. At the time I purchased it, the car was painted some strange brown color, but I returned it to its original Spinnaker White, along with a brown vinyl top. It currently shows only about 87,000 miles on the clock. I have done only the sort of minor repair work that any car of any age might need. I have driven her many miles without disappointment."

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Note the use of the '69 grille, headlight covers, and wheel covers, demonstrating the tasteful integrity of the Fuselage style. The clean lines of the Fuselage style are especially impressive from the side. Even in darkness, the Imperial appears ready to move at a moment's notice.

Note the "IMPERIAL" nameplate spelled out on the hood, a 1971-only styling cue. From the rear, the 1971 Imperial demonstrates tasteful styling and balanced design. The heart of the Imperial -- the 440 powerplant, generating 335 bhp for 1971.

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