Candia & Gerard's 1972 Imperial LeBaron

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I bought my first Imperial 15 years ago, a 1958 Imperial Southampton two doors. 1958 was the last year they made them with a Hemi, so I was already a Imperial freak! But this í58 needs to be restored, so I began looking around for another Imperial on eBay, the Imperial Club Classifieds, car meetings and so on.

So I was very glad when I saw my dream car in Zeeland (the South of Holland; I live in the North); but the owner didn't want to sell it.

A few months later, I saw an identical car in an American Classics Cars Shop (garage), and it was love at first sight. The car was MINE that day!!

I found in the glovebox a lot of registration papers and repair bills from two different Imperials, both the same year, the same color, and also 4 door hardtops. I discovered that a lot of papers belonged to the car from Zeeland I had seen earlier, so I contacted that guy. To this day we have a good friendship, and now he has the papers that belongs to his car.

Last Summer he came over with his car, as you can see at the pictures. The former owners took really good care of the car and itís in great condition.  As in the States, here in Holland you see a lot of Chevrolet and GM cars, but the Chrysler Imperial is very rare.  People are always amazed that the car is So Big, and that they donít know the brand.

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