1972-1973 Imperial Limousines

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Two 1972 limousines were purchased by the Secret Service to be used for President Nixon, and later for President Ford. These limousines were actually 1972 Imperial LeBarons that were updated with '73 grilles and trim (including the large '73 rubber bumpers used to meet the newly-enacted Federal Safety 5 mph crash test requirements). The cars were converted to limousines by Hess & Eisenhardt.  Since these cars were often used for foreign dignitaries and heads of state, they were custom built with Level VI armor and were heavily bullet and bomb-proof.

According to Jim Hannaford, "I live in DC and know a few secret service agents. One of them told me that the two '73 Imperial limo's were destroyed (as apparently almost all ex-Presidential limos are, for security reasons) in the late '80s in testing." That's a sad fate for two very unusual Imperials!

In 2007, this 1973 Imperial Parade Phaeton was supposedly commissioned for the Peruvian President of the time. The car was in the Peru state service until 2007 when it was auctioned off in New York. If you know any more about this car, please let us know. We would love to know more about it.

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