Syd Mead's 1972 Imperial LeBaron

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HERE�s the story behind acquiring this car . . .

A fan of mine in Fowlerville, Michigan sent an e-mail specifically addressed to me. He informed me that he had a vehicle I might be interested in. I had given an internet interview some time prior mentioning all the cars I�d owned since high school. He told me more about this car in subsequent e-mails; it had only 3,985 original miles and was black with a black vinyl roof and a gold leather interior.

This old lady (wow! What a clich�!) had bought it new, but was afflicted with rapidly advancing arthritis right after the purchase. Her husband kept the car garaged and maintained for the next fifteen years, then sold it.  It changed hands . . . then there�s a nine year gap in owner identification. The guy I bought it from had it for nine years prior to my purchase. He put five new Michelin tires on it of the proper white wall width, installed a new A/C unit (I had it charged with Freeze12), a new master cylinder, a new sending unit when he had the gas tank dropped and sand blasted, and did other maintenance stuff.

The car is in very good condition, obviously. The only �serious� thing yet to be done is to re-hang the front driver�s door. I suspect that one of the previous owners didn�t quite make the garage door edge, or the car was scraped along the left side. But body, interior, top, and other �stock� items are in excellent shape.

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