Pauline Yetter's 1972 Imperial LeBaron

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1972 Imperial; or, the Perils of Pauline

In 1968, Charles Yetter was the Mayor of Millbrae, California, and purchased his new 1968 Imperial LeBaron (4 door dark green) which was a great road car. Our friend Doc in Saratoga kept it in running condition for many years. In 1992, Mike found a 1972 4-door Imperial in a lot and suggested we buy it because the 1968 was worn out. He wanted the 1972 to have an owner who would love it as we do.
We bought it. It had been in storage for 18 years because the owner passed away and his wife could not drive it. It was still in excellent condition and we proceeded to have Mike keep it repaired for us. We were members of the Northern California Imperial Owners Club and attended the Annual meets held in California by the three clubs there. In 1992, we drove it from San Francisco to the Queen Mary in San Diego for the show there. Over 100 Imperials attended and we won first place for our golden 1972 Imp 4-door. Driving it was like floating on a cloud, especially since we had to carry pillows in the 1968 for long trips. The 1968 was a very solid car.
Every year since 1992 we have attended the annual meets and received first place for our 1972. I was secretary of the NCIOC until we disbanded and became part of the Sacramento Valley Club of Northern California because so many belonged to both clubs anyway. In 2001, we found it very difficult to drive our beautiful car so we decided it was best to sell it. A young man saw it for sale in front of our house and wanted desperately to buy it. He paid two cash installments for it but was moving it around in a business parking lot (a gold 1972 Imp is obvious in any parking lot) and it was towed away. He never changed title on it so I received the notice that the storage of $2,000.00 had to be paid or the Imperial would be sold to a Demolition Derby. This is something I could not allow to happen…so I bought it back. At which time I was told the engine was frozen and I had it towed into our garage.
Fortunately for me Kenyon Wills heard about it and volunteered to repair it and we would share ownership. We bought a 1972 (which was in very poor condition), which they drove up from Bakersfield to San Francisco because we could use the engine for my car. Our Imperial friends changed the engine and did other repairs so that we could enjoy the car again. It has been quite a challenge since obtaining the proper parts is very difficult. We plan to drive it from San Francisco to Solvang , California, for the annual Imperial Meet that will be held there at the end of April 2006.

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