Darryl Kippen's 1973 Imperial LeBaron

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I first saw the car at the WPC car meet in July 2003. Lori and I emailed back and forth for several months as we decided on a price. In October, I went down to LeSeur and picked it up. I started out Saturday evening and the car stalled on the freeway in Minneapolis about a hour after I got it. I pushed it off onto a side street and leapt out of the car ready for anything, only to have the door swing shut behind me with the only key inside (those doors sure are heavy). Did I really want another Imperial I asked myself? 

As luck would have it, a motorist with a cell phone stopped and called the highway patrol. They arrived and unlocked the car for free. Then the battery was dead but the car was open. After a boost, the car was up and running, and I was on my way again. "Why do I do this when I already have a Imperial at home?" I asked myself again.

The car ran fine all the way home, and the power of the '73 440 was quite a contrast to the 440 in my '75. The gas mileage was better, but the ride is much smoother and quieter in the '75. Once the car is tuned up and fixed up, I can't wait for a Trans Am or a Firebird to try and take me at a light.

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