'76 New Yorker Broughm 4-Door in The Netherlands

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From Dirk in the Netherlands:

This is the way I like a New Yorker or Imperial, dark colored exterior, velour interior, NO vent windows and NO body sidy molding. These cars were originally designed to look slab sided, combined with a beautiful roofline.

This car is owned by a friend of mine who actually owns 2 more of these fine cars; 1974-75 Imperials...all velour interiors!

About this car, this is the first New Yorker I drove, and is was quite an experience! Driving such cars in the Netherlands cost much more than in the States, as in the high price of fuel in the Netherlands. This car is still in the family that originally purchased the car in 1976. The owner loves the car and is now in the hands of his son, because his father is too old to drive it.

He drives it only on nice, sunny days, and will never drive it in the rain. But I did, see the pictures, as this car was in the hands of his cousin a short while.

As you can see, this car is near showroom new, and just beautiful!

Also these cars are rare in the Netherlands, but I know several other people who own New Yorker Broughams, I'll trace them and hope to put them on the web also.

Thanks, Dirk



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