James Bainbridge's 1976 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

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The car has all the features on the list (from the Dec 1975 Dealer quotation) except the premier wheel covers and road styled wheels. In addition it has the automatic parking release but that was obviously added when the car was ordered. I'm not sure what in all was in the easy order package. I bought it off the original owner last year. It came with just about everything including the build sheet and original keys and dealer keychain (which interestingly enough was a leftover from the 1975 year, it reads "Chrysler, Plymouth, Valiant, Imperial") as well as the emissions and warranty pamphlets, and the manual of course. It has lived in Calgary all its life, and given that, its amazing that its in as good shape as it is; this being the salt capital of the free world. This particular car has been on the road since Mar 3, 1976 and has a gross vehicular weight of 6610lbs (net I'm not sure what that would be). I think the options do add up as far as weight is concerned!

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