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Front The subject car is my brother, Lorne’s, ’78 NYB 4DHTP. The car is finished in dark grey metallic (Mopar colour code A9) with silver vinyl roof and silver leather interior. The car is a well-optioned original; having some 70,000km (approx 45,000 m) on it’s original (now rebuilt) 440 4bbl, with in tact working lean burn.
Front Side I know that from a distance, a ’78 NY looks just like a ’76 or ’77 and some may say even a ’74 or ’75 Imperial; however, the ’78 is unique in many respects and ushered in some options that the previous years of the body style never had. In ’78 the standard engine for the NYB was the 400 4bbl with the 440 4bbl and 360 being optional engines. Previous to this, the NYB always came with the 440 4bbl standard; with the 400 being optional. ’78 NY’s also for the first time during the reign of this body style had fender skirts as optional. Previous to this, they were standard. In ’78 the vinyl roof treatment was different (photos will compare the change). So, in general, even though the ’78 NYB was the last of the line for the 4DHTP and this body style, they were unique in various details. An option package for the ’78 NYB was the salon package. Having stripped one, I know that leather wrapped steering wheel and a limousine style smaller back window (exactly like the one used on the ’75 Imperial) were part of the package. Unfortunately, the example that I stripped was so badly deteriorated that I hesitate at committing to any other specific options being part of the package.
Front Side  
Grille Detail of the ’78 only grill treatment (the ’74 Imperial grill was also unique, the ’75 Imperial grill was used on the ’76 and ’77 NYB). Note the grill slots do not proceed from the vertical up to the horizontal, as on the other grills, the slots being replaced instead by a solid chrome slab;
Tail Light Detail of the ’78 only tail light lense. Note how the chrome not only outlines the light, but proceeds down the centre line of the tail light. Note also here the pin stripe following the trunk lid relief countour.
Side Rear This picture highlights the optional in ’78 fender skirts and rallye wheels. Every ’78 NYB that I have seen has had the pin striping on the lower body contour, as well as the upper body contour. Pin stripe treatment is also on the trunk lid relief contour. I cannot say whether all of them did come with it, but I believe that it is original;
Pillar The vinyl roof treatment was done differently on the ‘78s, with the halo molding being deleted. The vinyl roof extended right to the drip rail (see photo detail);
LeBaron B Pillar ’75 Imperial vinyl roof treatment. Note the difference from the ’78. Note how the halo molding (just below the LeBaron script) curves up about an inch from the drip rail molding; and
LeBaron Pillar  
Close Up 78 NYB introduced the body colour tone decal on the face of the rear view mirrors as well as on the door handles. Only the driver’s side mirror has the Chrysler script carved in the decal. These decals were used throughout the ‘80s on the M body Fifth Avenues (as a potential source for restoration purposes);
Engine The optional 440 4bbl lean burn engine. Note this engine has been a little over restored. The Chrysler script on the valve cover is not original, as well as some bolts being painted contrasting colours (like the a/c compressor). The pie tin reads electronic lean burn and the plate on the computer reads spark control computer. The lean burn on this engine is fully functional; having not yet been replaced by standard electronic ignition. As most of you know, the lean burn system was problematic and most cars have been converted by now;
Interior ’78 NYB offered for the first time intermittent wipers (the switch shown in detail in the photo), LED digital clock (picture did not develop), leather wrapped steering wheel (salon package) and a factory AM/FM Stereo with a built in CB;
Head Rest Previous to ’78, the head rests were a molded soft plastic regardless of whether the interior was velour or leather. ’78 head rests were upholstered in the same material as the rest of the seats (leather upholstered head rest of my brother’s ’78 shown in detail;
Door Not only the head rests received this special attention. In ’78 the upper door panel was upholstered according to the interior on the car. Detailed here is the rear door highlighting the leather interior upper door panel;
Door Same. Detailed here is the rear door highlighting the velour interior upper door panel;

I hope this is helpful. I have tried to include everything that I know, but I’m sure I have forgotten some stuff. . If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Email me at: family.wappler@sympatico.ca .

Matt (’74 LeBaron, ’75 LeBaron, ’77 T&C, ’85 Aries, ‘86 Fifth Avenue)

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