Models of Buddy Arrington's Winston Cup NASCAR 1981 Chrysler Imperial

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Some admirers of the Buddy Arrington Imperials have created models of these cars.

Don Gambino has created a model of Buddy's #67 Imperial.  Don has a website with more pictures of the model he has created.

Dan Wing is also working on a model of Buddy's Imperial. Dan started work on this model in the mid '80s before even owning an Imperial. Dan's model is different than Don's in that it is made from a resin-cast TKM 1981 Imperial model, originally produced in the '80s.

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Of this model, Dan states, "I bought the model back in the mid 1980s from TKM models. Tom Miller made a lot of resin cast models of cars that were not available otherwise.

This model was originally a stock 1980s Imperial. It came with an interior and a sheet metal floor. It also had wire wheels.

I made some major modifications to the body by filling in the taillight area and side cornering lamps, and by cutting out the fenders. The new rear fenders are from an MPC 'Southern Stocker' Buick Regal, and the new front fenders are from an AMT Darrell Waltrip 'Pepsi Challenger' Monte Carlo kit. I also cut the hood free so that it opens.

I have a set of Buddy Arrington 'Racing 67' decals that were available at the time. The blue paint is Petty 'Super Blue', Chrysler Code HB-3 for Dodge-Plymouth. The Dupli-Color code was DS-CC 238, 1972-1973 Chrylser Corp.

I haven't worked on this model since 1986 for various reasons. I do intend to finish the model soon, hopefully, so that I can take it to car shows with me.

I wish that I had bought two, as I bought my real '83 Imperial in 1990, and I would love to make a model of it."

Imperial82.jpg (125911 bytes) In February 2003, Jim Hannaford found some resin models of the '81 Imperial.  Jim states, "I bought two of them ($75.00) from an ad I saw, and one came with an interior, the other not. I think they may be from the same manufacturer as the one Dan Wing got. As you can see, the body is VERY crude, but with a little/lot of work, who knows?"
Jim Hannaford has also built this model of Buddy's 1982 Mirada: "Ok, I know its not an Imperial, but attached is a picture of my scratch built Buddy Arrington's 1982 Mirada. I heavily modified a 1983 Buick Regal by cutting off the roof, lowering it, building new rear roof pillars (with the opera window!) and scratch  building a Mirada front end. The decals came off e-bay, apparently made in the mid-eighties by a guy named Fred Cady. I've heard rumours that a company called "Southern Motorsports Hobbies" is going to be offering a 1/24 scale Imperial body this spring [2005], and if so I will buy one and make a model of Buddy's Imperial."

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