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1986 Chrysler K-Car Limousine - Description

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The 1986 Limousines had most of the same equipment features of the 1984-85 model years, yet were different in several ways. This was the last year of these unusual cars. The most significant change was the replacement of the venerable 2.6 Mitsubishi engine with an equally venerable 2.2 Chrysler built engine with a turbo charger.

Although the 2.2 engine had been available since before the inception of the K-cars, its' progeny being the 1.7 liter used in the 1978 Omni/Horizion twins, the 2.6 Mitsubishi engine was selected for use in the show car and subsequent Executives due to the expected use. These cars were marketed to the "livery" trade for use as limousines and perhaps, taxis. The expected workload of this type of car was long idling and moderate speeds. The Mitsubishi engine was ideally suited for this task.

The turbo modification was developed for the 1984 model year and had proven itself in use. Therefore, it was decided to convert to turbocharged power for 1986. The 2.2 turbo engine had computer controlled electronic multiport fuel injection and developed 146 horsepower while on boost. When starting from rest, however, performance lagged behind the105 horsepower 2.6 engine which had greater torque. Engine horsepower was only 95 until the turbocharger engaged at approximately 18 m.p.h. A computer-controlled wastegate bled off boost when it reached 8 pounds--to protect the engine.

Other functional changes included a load levelizer system that kept the rear of the car at the same height no matter how many people were carried or how much weight was placed in the trunk. This activated approximately 1 minute after changes in the load to eliminate constant corrections when going over dips or irregular road surfaces. Fast acting air conditioning completed the list. The "Voice Alert" system was no longer available.

Appearance changes consisted of beveled wrap around tail lights with nine fine chrome "grilles" covering the lenses. Fender end caps replaced the solid rear corners of the 1983-1985 models. Front corning lights were eliminated. The raised centerline of the trunk was eliminated and a slight airfoil effect was created at the rear edge of the trunk and fenders.

The same five exterior color selections were offered as well as interior colors and a leather option in blue.

THE CHRYSLER LIMOUSINE is the ultimate in contemporary high-tech comfort. It also establishes benchmarks for limousine affordability and value. Based on a full 131.3-inch wheelbase, Chrysler Limousine has plush accommodations for seven passengers. Its advanced front-wheel drive design maximizes interior room while providing outstanding maneuverability, improved ride and great stability. Smooth, responsive power is on demand in the form of the proven standard 146-horsepower turbocharged 2.2-liter engine with electronic fuel injection.

Chrysler Limousine lets you shut out a strident world with a body built for quiet through robotic welding and special sound insulation. A rare feature for any limousine is the 5/50 Protection Plan that backs Chrysler's Limousine. (See back cover for details.) Chrysler Limousine is packed with luxury details that include fast-action air conditioning, front seat AM stereo*/ FM stereo radio, and the rear seat Ultimate Sound System. Experience futuristic automotive luxury for yourself in a Chrysler Limousine soon. The competition is good, we had to be better.

*Limited AM stereo reception may be experienced in some areas because some AM stereo broadcasting is not compatible with this radio's reception capabilities.

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