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The Chairmen of the Board These pages are from a 1980 National Geographic magazine advertisement. They're a 'conversation' between Lee Iaccoca and Frank Sinatra about the new '81 Imperial. --Dan Wing
The Chairmen of the Board Note that Lee tells Frank that there are "six speakers" with the four choices of stereos. However, there are two in the dash, two in the rear package tray (trunk mounted) and . . . Hmmm, looks like four to me. They don't show them in the FSM either. (In the center of the dash, where a normal mono AM radio speaker would be, is where the Rear Amp is located.) Oh, well, six 'sounds' cool though. Oh, and if you look closely at the 3/4 view of the car on page one, (the same photo that is in the 'Electronic Marvel' brochure), you can see the 'Electronic Fuel Injection' badge has been added under the IMPERIAL badge, (as it was on the actual car). Airbushed perhaps? --Dan Wing
The Chairmen of the Board "There are more luxuries standard than any car in America."

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