1982 Imperial Spotter's Guide

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Several views of 1982 Imperials...

Here are 3 views of a 1982 Imperial in Black, with red leather interior and "pinstriping", actually decals. This car is 100% original.
Cast aluminum wheels The cast aluminum wheels with the Imperial jewel in the center are referred to as "snowflake" wheels. They are very sturdy, and maintain perfect roundness even after many miles.
The fabulous bustle back
This shows the underhood area of an original EFI car. Everything shown is authentic and original, with the following exceptions: The heater hose, the radiator cap and the upper radiator hose has been replaced, and the thermal shield housing for the battery was not on the car when this picture was taken. Elsewhere on this site is an under-hood picture of a factory conversion to carburetor (the blue car, coming up!), you may be interested in comparing the two.
This shows the open power moonroof, and the headrests. The roof has three modes: open, glass closed but shade open, and completely closed. The power moonroof is one of few accessories offered on these cars; nearly everything was standard.
This shows the driver's control switches for the two outside mirrors (the first two "joysticks"), the driver's 6 way seat (the third "joystick" and two lever switches for front and rear tilt), the power window controls and the power door lock control. The area below the courtesy and rear warning lights is carpeted with the same carpet as the floors.
Standard "Mark Cross" interior, in red leather for this car. The carpeting is long pile "sheepskin" carpeting, very plush! This car has 120,000 Miles, and the interior is still nearly perfect, with everything still operating as new.
Note: The radio is a dealer replacement supplied ETR, not the factory ETR, which will be shown on the photo set for the Blue 81, coming up. The bulge in the dash pad above the instruments is incorrect. This is a common problem with these cars, probably caused in this case by the car having spent its life in the very hot high desert of inland Southern California. The rubber band on the gearshift lever is a non-factory accessory.
81 Coupe Queen Mary 81 Coupe Queen Mary
81 Side 81 Side
Extreme Angle Extreme Angle
Front View Front View

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