Manifolds Changes On Your 1990 - 1993 Chrysler Imperial

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With the exception of the throttle body, and the addition of boost, the biggest HP and gas mileage gains come from the manifold. Since the 3.3/3.8 engine stayed pretty much the same through today (regardless of what model it was put in) the only difference from model and year to others is the intake manifold.

For example, the 3.3L vans had a different power curve then the 3.3L Imperial. This was due to the manifold differences.

So naturally, one could take a newer manifold with higher HP values, and get it to mate onto an older 3.3- like those used in the 1990 and some 1991 Imperials. As to how well it would bolt on may vary. Some porting my be required to get bolt patterns and such to line up.

This same basic idea can also be applied to the 3.8L engine.

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