Suspension For 1990 - 1993 Chrysler Imperial

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The suspension in the Imperials (most often the air ride suspension) is very expensive to replace or repair, and will not last forever (i.e. it will ware out in time).

It may be a good idea in time to replace it, and one way to do so (besides paying the big bill) is to use Dynasty suspension parts and getting rid of the old air ride system.

That alone should be enough to meet most demands, as the Dynasty and Imperial are almost identical in terms of weight and design (although the Imperial weighs more due to a larger body...). However if the suspension still needs aid, an after market air spring/suspension system can be obtained through JC Whitney or other such retailers. These kits can often be turned on and off, and thus you can use it as needed, or all the time. The problem though is the price- basic kits for rear only are just under $100. Add $100 for on-board controls and air compressor, $100 for the front... still cheaper then using replacement new Mopar parts though.

To toughen up the suspension farther, a strut tower brace can be installed. These can be obtained cheaply from eBay. Some of the ones marketed for early Neons will also work on these models- however some drilling is required (the holes on the brace won't line up with the strut tower..).

Other then that, not much can be done (or would want to be done) to strengthening the suspension.

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