Power Doors, Windows, & Interior Door Panels On 1990 - 1993 Chrysler Imperials

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Power Doors, Windows, and Interior Door panels

For whatever reason, Chrysler made it pretty hard to get into the doors on these cars in order to repair the power doors and windows.

One way to get into the doors is to prey out the rubber piece which touches the window from inside the car when the window is lowered and raised. With that piece out, the door panel can be pried out (use caution not to crack the plastic!).

It is much easier to just replace the door then service it, and 1990's Imperial doors aren't that much from a yard. Used doors from a yard typical have the interior pieces, power door and window assemblies in place. These doors are also interchangeable with the 5th Ave and New Yorker models with the same options (according to Allpar- however it may be a good idea to check this ahead of buying one).

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