Installing A Tachometer on 1990 - 1993 Chrysler Imperials

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The 3.3/3.8L cars did not have a tach (possibly an exception occurs with some digital dashes). A tach can be very important in testing for tranny problems, idle problems, etc.

A tach will range in price from $25-300, and a decent tach can be bought for under $60. Traditionally, tachs get their signal from the ignition coil... oh, the 3.3/3.8 doesn't have a ignition coil, because it is DIS.... that means that the tach must get its input from the crank sensor, which sends a signal to the PCM whenever a piston goes up.

Just run a wire from the crank sensor output wire (which goes to the PCM) into the cab of the car to the gauge. Wire in the 12-volts for the lights, and the ground, and your done.

Shown here is a $25 tach from JC Whitney in a 1992 AC/Y body

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