Anthony Romano's 1992 Chrysler Imperial

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Anthony Romano's 1992 Chrysler Imperial

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Here is the car I've always wanted from the start.  I sort after Midnight Blue oppose to the other more common colors for those years 90-93 simply because of how luxurious it looks to me.  --The car was bought by a Chrysler dealer who gave it to his aging father-in law.  Recently he passed on and the car went to the estate.  According to the son-in-law it never saw snow in CT or driven that much by him -How's only 38,000 original miles sound.  Thats not even enough miles for going back and forth to church/shopping.  The car is in great shape for a 14 yr. old vehicle.

This car will be driven on occasion and garaged.  I will being use my other 93 Imperial as my daily driver.  What else can I say only that the pictures should speak for themselves.  -- Anthony

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