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Anthony Romano's 1993 Chrysler Imperial

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Thanks for viewing my car.  I found this car on the web on in the summer of 2005.  I had it transported from San Diego Ca. to N.Y. during the gas crisis $800 - to ship it!  Anyway it was well worth it now.

I've had many ideas to improve the car's appeal!  I've made some modifications as you can see by the pictures that I felt was worthy in calling it an IMPERIAL! I'm not a purist, but all the modifications I've made can be changed back to the original car if I want to with the exception for the opera lights.  It was a real emotional battle to make a hole in my new vinyl top, but I did it for the sake of originality.  Those who know the car tend to think it's a special edition Imperial--and I like that thought because it is to me!  I primarily use this car for milk and egg runs and garage it most of the time--as it should be!  My neighbors have no idea what kind of car it is except for the fact it's in great shape.  This is by far the ride of all rides for me.

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-Regards to my fellow- CHRYSLER IMPERIALS!- Regards-Anthony

P.S.-Feedback is welcome

Here is the added opera light

Here is an eagle that was added


I had an IDEA of closing of the opera windows up. I plugged it up with a board I'd soaked in water to get the right (concave) shape, dried it to shape, placed vinyl over it and Velcro it to the windows

More Exterior Pictures

More Interior Picture

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