2004 Anniston Spring Gathering

April 16-18, 2004 

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"The Spring '04 meet in Anniston was outstanding! The weather could not have been nicer, with the highs on Saturday and Sunday around 80�.  The sky was almost cloudless and a nice breeze blew to keep things feeling cooler than they were. Although the turnout was not as large as the fall 2003 meet, there was still a fair amount of folks there. And as usual, the cars that were brought to the meet were busy being driven beginning Friday afternoon! I have spoken to others who attend regularly, and most people say they have never seen anything quite like the Anniston meet, where owners allowing others to drive their cars. I certainly have not, and friends who belong to other online car clubs say that is not anything they have ever seen either! The weekend is a real shot in the arm for me as I unwind and relax like I never have time to do at home. Great food, drink and fun all weekend! Wish you could have attended! Maybe in the fall you can make it. The dates for the fall meet are Sept. 17, 18 and 19, '04. Some guys fly in from other cities not within driving distance and someone picks them up at the airport (Birmingham or Chattanooga) and they get to the meet that way. Oh yeah, groups of us 'carpooled' out to the Anniston Chrysler dealership to check out the new 300C. We were swarming around that car like flies on . . . (er, well you know what I mean)! At least three different groups drove out there from the hotel at different times in the vintage Imperials, so we kept things buzzing among the sales staff, I am sure!"  -- Greg McDonnell, Mobile, AL

Special thanks go to Donald Taccone and Debbie Brown for organizing this event and providing delicious food and spirits!

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Dale Baker's 1951 Packard 300

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1955 Chrysler Windsor

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1955 Packard, 1956 Packard, and 1956 Imperial

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Bill Craig's 1955 Packard Patrician

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Donald Taccone's 1956 Packard Patrician

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Donald Taccone's 1956 Imperial

The Finest Expression of the Forward Look!

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Mark Harris and Ed Noble's 1962 Imperial Crown Southamptons, both in Rosewood Iridescent


America's Most Carefully Built Car!

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Fans of the Elwood Engel styling found plenty to enjoy as well!


The Incomparable Imperial

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DSC01325.JPG (279028 bytes) DSC01307.JPG (278498 bytes)
DSC01304.JPG (276588 bytes) Robert Soule's 1965 Imperial Crown convertible DSC01305.JPG (279372 bytes)
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DSC01303.JPG (279198 bytes) Chris Hawkins' 1966 Imperial LeBaron DSC01308.JPG (272383 bytes)
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Elijah Scott's 1971 Imperial LeBaron

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