May 1998 Atlanta Meet 

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The first Atlanta "Meet" was held on May 16, 1998.  This was not really a formal car show, but was more of an informal gathering of a few Imperial owners and fans in the Atlanta, GA, area.  Chris Hawkins hosted the gathering at the beautiful Southern Center for International Studies, which was a terrific venue for this event.

The pictures below show how much fun we all had at this event.  For several of us, this was the first time we had ever had so many Imperials -- and Imperial owners! -- together in one place.  We all had a great day of admiring cars, trading tips, making a few repairs, and sharing knowledge and fun.  This informal gathering proved to be the beginning of annual events in Atlanta and later Chattanooga, bringing together Imperialists from the entire Southeast region.

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This gorgeous 1962 Imperial Crown Convertible was a real hit at the meet.

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Chris Hawkins owned this 1964 Imperial Crown.

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Here's a nice shot of a '65 LeBaron, a '64 Crown, and a '66 LeBaron. Chris Hawkins and Chris Bunthoff repair the trunk hinges on Chris B's '65 LeBaron Chris Hawkins' 1966 LeBaron.  More pictures of this car appear below.
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Chris Conway's 1981 Imperial

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