15th Annual

California Imperial Owners Statewide Meet

Deer Park Winery in Escondido, California

May 1st-3rd, 1998

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Bob Wagner and Bob Lasher's '49 Crown

Bill Madden's 1953 Town Limousine

Diane Cichelli's 1954 Sedan, daily driver

Nanette Clark-Cook's 1955 Sedan

Win and Kitty Kelley's 1956 Custom Sedan

Bill Madden's 1956 Southampton

Frank Pfaffinger's 1957 Crown Coupe

Richard Palmer and Henry Hopkins' '59 Crown conv.

Henry Hopkins and Richard Palmer's 1960 convertible

George Nadelhoffer's 1960 LeBaron 4-dr (Best of Show)

Paul Finfrock's 1961 Crown Southampton 4-dr.

Paul Graveline's 1961 Crown Coupe

Tony Lindsey's 1961 Crown convertible

Ken Northup's 1961 Crown Southampton 4-dr.

John Kerr's 1962 Custom Southampton 4-dr.

Bill Marshall's 1962 Imperial LeBaron 4-dr. hardtop

Alan Meade's 1962 Crown convertible

Stuart Riggs' 1962 Crown convertible

Irv Axelrod's 1963 Crown convertible

Eric Balzar's 1963 LeBaron 4-dr. Southampton

Ken Casady's 1963 Imperial Custom coupe

Roger Selby's 1963 Crown Southampton

David Doty's 1964 Imperial Crown Coupe

Lud and Ad Indihar's 1964 Crown Convertible

Jay Weinert's 1964 Imperial LeBaron 4-dr. hardtop

Vic Fink's 1965 Imperial LeBaron 4-dr. hardtop

Roger Irland's 1965 Imperial Crown Coupe

Steve Nye & Ken Leighton's 1965 Crown conv.

Charlene Quinn's 1965 Imperial Crown Convertible

Raskind's 1965 Imperial Crown Convertible

Rolf Sandvold's 1966 Imperial Crown Coupe

Bob Schmitt's 1966 Imperial LeBaron 4-dr hardtop

Norm Silverman's 1966 Imperial Crown Convertible

Irv Axelrod's 1967 Crown Coupe (Mobile Director)

Bernice Hackney's 1967 Imperial Crown 4-dr. hardtop

Chris Hoffman's 1967 Imperial Crown 4-dr. hardtop

John Martinelli's 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe

Michael Hackney's 1968 Crown Convertible (Shriner)

John Tennyson's 1968 Imperial Crown Convertible

Dr. Mike Bullock's 1968 LeBaron 4-dr. hardtop

Charles Yetter's 1972 Imperial LeBaron 4-dr. hardtop

Bill McNamara's 1975 Imperial LeBaron 4-dr. hardtop

Carl Baty's 1981 Imperial coupe



Great People

Bob Schmitt

Chris Hoffman

Members of the Audience

View of Audience

Chris Hoffman (left) and Roger Irland

Darian and Evan

Dave Cleveland

Getting some Detailing Tips

George and Henry

George with Plaque

Les Richardson

Kenny Cassady and Douglas Giesey

Frank Pfaffinger accepting Hard Luck Trophy.*

Henry telling a story

* Frank's hood flew open on the freeway on the way to the meet (damaging the hood but not hitting the windshield), and after that, he filled the gas tank with 18 gallons of diesel fuel!


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