2006 Chattanooga Meet

May 26-29, 2006


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Thanks to Robert & Laqueta Soule and the Tennessee Valley Region of the Walter P. Chrysler Club for hosting the 2006 Chattanooga Chrysler & Imperial Meet in Chattanooga, Tennessee!  Everyone had a great time!

Be sure to also visit Robert's page for the 2006 Chattanooga Chrysler & Imperial Meet for more pictures and video.  The meet was so much fun we had to have TWO pages for it!


Cars and folks started arriving on Friday, with a good assembly ready for the caravan to the local Sonic Drive-In for dinner.


Departing the Soule's at noon on Saturday, we caravanned to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum for lunch.   After lunch, we toured the Railroad Museum and took a ride on the Missionary Ridge Local.  A ride on a vintage steam train was a perfect tie-in to a weekend of fine vintage cars.

Sunday and Monday allowed participants at this events to enjoy more great cars!

Robert Soule's

1928 Chrysler 65

 Russ and Marj Bees drove this 1935 Chrysler Imperial Airflow Two Door Coupe to the Chattanooga Meet all the way from Iowa!
Ray Pierce's 1937 Buick
Robert Soule's 1939 Chrysler Royal
Brian Behr's 1947 Dodge
Charlie Thurman and his 1955 Plymouth Police Car
Mike & Joy McKenna's 1957 Chrysler Saratoga

1960 Plymouth


Robert Soule's 1962 Chrysler 300 Convertible
Robert Soule's 1964 Imperial Crown
Robert Soule's 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible
Robert Soule's 1965 Chrysler New Yorker
Regin Schwaen's 1965 Chrysler Newport

Regin has driven this car from Virgina to California and back.  The trip from Virginia to Chattanooga for this meet must have seemed short by comparison!

Brian Behr's 1966 Chrysler New Yorker
Robert Soule's 1966 Chrysler 300
Jeff Carrothers' 1966 Chrysler 300
Robert Soule's 1966 Chrysler 300 Convertible
Robert Soule's 1966 Chrysler Newport Town & Country

Robert has affectionately dubbed this car the "Murray Motors Roadside Service" vehicle.

Robert Soule's 1968 Imperial Crown Convertible

Robert Soule's 1968 Imperial LeBaron

Shawn Johnson's 1968 Chrysler Newport Sedan
John Shuty's 1969 Chrysler New Yorker
Elijah Scott's 1970 Imperial LeBaron

Elijah Scott's 1971 Imperial LeBaron

Mark Harris' 1972 Imperial LeBaron

Note the frost highlighted on the backglass from the COLD rear air!


Sunday gave us another chance for a trip to the drive-in, this time in ALL convertibles!  Shown are Robert Soule's 1964 Imperial Crown, 1962 Chrysler 300, 1966 Chrysler 300, and 1968 Imperial Crown.


Now that you see how much fun these meets are, make your plans to attend next year's 2007 Chattanooga Chrysler & Imperial Meet!!!

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