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There are a number of things we can do to improve the quality of mailing lists for the benefit of all. Most of these recommendations are simple and require little extra work.


The Online Imperial Club is free of charge, as far as money goes. You get an enormous amount of benefits, and they don't cost you any money at all.


There IS a cost. You are expected to pay your way with kindness, courtesy, honesty and willingness to help others. This is not a democracy, and it's not a typical club. We have actual, volunteer staff here whose job is to enforce good will, and it's not an option. We can only promise ONE warning, and then we can ban you completely. We have no trouble finding Imperial owners who are fine, upstanding members of the community, and who can play by the rules, so please don't think we will waste time with louts or bullies.


Email Program Settings Requirements:

* Turn off features (like VCards) that create attachments.
* Avoid sending htm-formatted messages to lists.
* Send replies either to the sender or the list, but not both.
* Make sure the time is set properly on your computer.

Writing and Layout Suggestions:

* Don't use all capital letters for more than a word or two.
* Insert blank lines between paragraphs.
* Include full URL schemes, as in / - NOT as in ""
* Surround URLs with angle brackets.
* Try to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Message Contents:

* Never send unsubscribe commands to the list.
* Create and maintain descriptive subject lines.
* Quote original text sparingly in your replies.
* Don't include email attachments unless explicitly allowed.
* Use a short signature containing only essential data.
* Send welcome or congratulation messages via private email.
* Respect other people's news.
* Civility is always worthwhile.

Thanks for helping to keep mailing lists useful and pleasant places!

Complete Rules as Adopted January 1999 revised May 2001:

Your IML Admin. Team has formally adopted the following rules. These rules are for all of us in this mailing group to live and abide by when utilizing the IML. I think you will agree that most of them are just common sense however some of them may require that you become familiar with your email browser so that you can snip, edit, copy, paste and delete when needed. You will also need to set your preferences properly so that mail is sent in plain text. The Imperial Mailing List moderators will be enforcing this rule as needed.

We are more than happy to help answer any questions. If you have a question please email either of us personally and a confidential reply will be sent. Please understand that these rules are to make this list fun and enjoyable for all of us while maintaining the purpose of the list, that being Imperial and NYB automobiles. As with any large group of people, however, it is necessary to maintain a sense or order. These rules take effect upon this posting. Initially all violations will be addressed with friendly reminders. Repeated offenders will be terminated from the IML.

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation and adherence to our policies!!

IML Rules of Etiquette, written by the IML Administrators, January 1999.


1. Everything here is Imperial focused... keep it so. (If you feel it is not, take it to the Salon. )
2. CHANGE your subject line, probably every time you post!
3. Trim your posts, and use plain text.
4. Respect other people and their cars!
5. Diversity is our strength - this is a worldwide, multicultural club!


1. No Personal Attacks, No Politics, No Religion, No Bashing.
2. Post no graphics or other large files to the entire list.
3. No short, one-line responses like "Cool!" or "That's right!"
4. No personal replies to the whole list - send those to the person concerned.


The Imperial Mailing List is one of the biggest and oldest Internet-based car-clubs, and it has grown to be the largest Imperial club of any kind.

Over the years, it has developed a "theme" or a "flavor", which I will attempt to describe:

In the past, Imperial owners have been isolated, and desperate for help in keeping their cars on the road.

Now, imagine living by the side of a constantly-flowing river of knowledge. Any time you need something (a replacement Imperial part, or some advice, for example), you can just dip a bucket right in and get what you want. Free, easy and VERY friendly, with hundreds of wonderful pals.

The IML provides a positive feedback-loop, and it's a major success.

However, we sometimes get folks who join up, and don't understand that in order to GET something, they have to GIVE something. It might be information, advice, honest questions or volunteering. At the very minimum, we ask that you be a good citizen. We have very clear rules about what constitutes "good citizenship", and several constantly-active folks who are authorized to spank troublemakers - You're not paying for membership in cash, you're paying for it in plain old common courtesy.

Here are the rules:


- Chat about Imperials of all years and 1976-78 Chrysler New Yorker Broughams.. (Other topics to the Salon) Send Imperial-related questions, stories, advice, or friendly feedback. Keep it pleasant, and you'll get all of the goodies you need.

- Volunteer to help. We are always happy to accept help from folks who like to greet new folks, or edit the archives for the website, or add new material to a particular year's Home Page, or moderate our many Chat sessions. We have a separate mailing list (IML-Admin) for folks who want to help run the IML, with lots of active members. To join, send e-mail to and ask to be added. If you'd like to volunteer to maintain a page on the Online Imperial Club website, email the website volunteers.

- Always be aware that you are on a planet-wide mailing-list, with members on every continent except Antarctica (we're working on it). The folks on the list don't have any idea where you live unless you mention it, so please tell us WHERE your car is for sale.

- Advertise Imperial parts and services (No other kind of ads are allowed). We have many vendors who are members in excellent standing, and always want more. Don't fool yourself into believing that we want to be spammed with constant advertisements. Keep it tasteful. Any questions? Join the IML-Admin list.

- Learn how to use your computer's e-mail software, specifically how to change the Subject line so that it matches the actual contents, how to ONLY include quoted text that continues the discussion (instead of every word that has ever been posted on a topic), and for goodness' sake, learn how to copy and paste text!


- You'll get one friendly warning for any of these, and then we'll hit the Ejector Switch if you keep offending us. We really have very little patience for folks who don't want to play nice, since there are so many of us that do. So read, learn and abide by the rules. New members are more than welcome but no excuses like "I didn't know" will be tolerated.

- Messages that are NOT about Imperials of all years and 1976-78 Chrysler New Yorker Broughams. If it's not about a car that is in one of those categories, PLEASE don't send it to the Imperial Mailing List. Really. No long, drawn-out comparisons between Dodge Polaras and Monacos - There are OTHER mailing-lists and the Salon for such discussions, and we get enough e-mail traffic already.

- Angry messages. They bother a very large, friendly and kindly group of folks. This can include personal attacks, profanity, sexual references, stereotyping, or other offensive speech. If it's not something you could read out loud to your sweetest relative, don't send it, because we really don't want it. There are IML members who are gay, or fundamentalists (of all kinds), every race, sex, age and opinion, and none of it matters. We're Imperialists. Figure out how the Internet works, and get used to diversity.

- Attached files. Imagine sending some big, honking picture file to a gazillion folks, 99% of whom don't want it or need it - It's a GREAT way to piss off a bunch of potential friends. If you MUST send in an addition to the website or something, follow the instructions at the bottom of every message. If it's not Imperial-oriented, you're just wasting your time.

- Do not post urban legends, virus warnings, jokes, scams and other crapola. If you feel you need to start a message with 'This is non-MoPar, but..,' then it doesn't belong.

- Private or repetitive email, posted to the whole mailing-list. Nasty stuff! Some of us get WAAAY too much e-mail already, and we CERTAINLY don't want to read a message saying nothing but "Count me in!" or "Way to go!" or "Hey, Bob - I'll buy it!" Send it to the single person involved, and give the rest of us a break.

- Requests to be unsubscribed... DUH!  The instructions on unsubscribing are included in every message.  PLEASE USE THEM and don't send a post to the list to unsubscribe. You will be tortured by many and feel like a fool.


They will probably be added to or modified as time goes by. They are pretty solid, though - We've been doing this for a long time.

If you don't like something, join the IML-Admin list and make your case! We can always use some good, opinionated leaders!


This page was last updated November 17, 2003.  Send us your feedback, and come join the Imperial Mailing List - Online Car Club