1961 Imperial TV Ad

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Below is a still picture from the movie.  In order to play, just click either of the pictures below--click on the small picture for a small (1.3 Meg) movie, or the large picture to view a larger, high quality clip suitable for viewing in "full-screen" mode; file size is 7.7 Meg. Left click to view the movie directly, or save to your hard drive by right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As".  If you need help viewing, go to our "How To Play Imperial Movies" page.  Enjoy!



"This is what we think a fine car should be like: elegant, luxurious, spacious.  But above all, built to handle more obediently, perform more responsively, hold to the road more surely, than any other fine car built in America today.  Drive it soon.  Imperial: America's most carefully built car."
1.3 Meg 7.7 Meg


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