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Freebie and the Bean

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James Caan (Freebie) and Alan Arkin (Bean) are San Francisco cops in this funny 1974 action comedy, which shows one brief glimpse of a 1964 Imperial.

Below are several still pictures from the movie.  In order to play, just click any of the pictures below--click on a small picture for a small (1.5 Meg) movie, or a large picture to view a larger, high quality clip suitable for viewing in "full-screen" mode; file size is 9.4 Meg.  Left click to view the movie directly, or save to your hard drive by right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As".  If you need help viewing, go to our "How To Play Imperial Movies" page.  Enjoy!



Alan Arkin presses a construction worker for information on a mobster. James Caan can't help laughing at Arkin's tactics: "How about if you got pushed off? I'm crazy, I'm gettin' crazy up here! Where's Motley?"
1.5 Meg 9.4 Meg
The next scene shows a 1964 Imperial, with its distinctive split grille, in freeway traffic.
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