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The Locusts

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This tale of a murky love triangle contains the classic elements: the guy, the girl....the 1956 Imperial 4-door Southampton!

Below are several still pictures from the movie.  In order to play, just click any of the pictures below--click on a small picture for a small (2.2 Meg) movie, or a large picture to view a larger, high quality clip suitable for viewing in "full-screen" mode; file size is 10.5 Meg. Left click to view the movie directly, or save to your hard drive by right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As".  If you need help viewing, go to our "How To Play Imperial Movies" page.  Enjoy!



Bucolic scene of a country estate is accented by the presence of....
2.2 Meg 10.5 Meg
....Imperial Mailing List member George Harcourt's Jet Black 1956 Imperial Southampton 4-door hardtop.
2.2 Meg 10.5 Meg
A close-up of the "dirt" used for filming, and which scratched the '56 Imperial's paint!
2.2 Meg 10.5 Meg
A good rear view of George's car shows the elegant 1956 Imperial tailfins.
2.2 Meg 10.5 Meg
One final shot of the Imperial.
2.2 Meg 10.5 Meg


Commentary from the Imperial Mailing List


The Imperial in that movie (direct to rental) belongs to me - George Harcourt - formerly of Houston and now in San Antonio.

You have a very sharp eye to catch the car in the movie - congratulations. For the few seconds it was on screen - the production company had it in Richmond, Texas for one month - I think they just enjoyed it!

I have owned the car since August 1977. Torqueflite - A/C.

The movie folks broke the driver's side door handle - scratched the devil out of the paint job by wiping off the material they put on the car to diminish the brilliant black finish. Seemed they wiped the car down while damp - like taking a Brillo pad to it. And more.

I have before posted to those on this list not to allow a movie production outfit use your car if you care about it - because they don't. And they don't pay much either - not enough for repairs.

Lousy movie - Great automobile



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