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Point Gap: .017 Preferred (.015-.018)

Dwell Angle: 1935-1950 27 degrees 1951-1972 Single Point -30 degrees (28-32degrees)

Plug Gap: 1935-1948 .025 1949-1983 .035

Valve Lash 1935-1949 Hot .008 Intake .010 Exhaust

Reluctor to Pickup Gap for ESC : .006-.008

Ignition Timing: (Degrees Before Top Dead Center unless noted)

35-37 Fifth line after TDC mark on damper.

38-41 Third line after TDC mark on damper

42 / 46-48 Second line before TDC on damper.

49-51: TDC 52-54: 4B 55: 6B 56: 4B 57: 6B 58: 6B 59-65: 10B 66-67: 12.5 B (5B Calif.)

68-69: 7.5B 70: 12.5B 71: 5B 72-74:10B (5B Calif) 75-76: 8B 77:12B ( 8B Calif)

78: 20B 81: 12B 82-83 : See Engine Decal

NOTE 1: Timing set with vacuum advance disconnected. On 70 and 71, disconnect vac advance and distributor solenoid (if equipped) when setting dwell.

Most sources listed stated that " factors such as octane value, humidity, air density, temperature, must be considered when setting ignition timing. [ If it pings, back it off a bit :) ] SEE THE UNDERHOOD DECAL IF APPLICABLE FOR YOUR CAR

Distributor Rotation: (1953 - 83 ) Front Mounted : CounterClockwise Rear Mounted: Clockwise

Firing Order: 1935 - 1949 1-6-2-5-8-3-7-4

1950 - 1983 1 -8-4-3-6-5-7-2

Cylinder Numbering: Left Bank:1-3-5-7 Right Bank: 2-4-6-8

Idle Speed:: 54-63: 475-500 rpm., 64-67 500 rpm ( 625 with CAP ), 68 - 71 650 rpm, in Drive with A/C on.
72-83: 750 to 850 ( Refer to underhood decal for exact specification and procedure)

NOTE: Most sources listed noted that " higher idle speeds are required for engines in poor condition and for engines used with automatic transmissions" and that A/C equipped cars be set with blower and compressor operating.

Adjustment should be made at fast idle diaphragm ( if used ) to obtain correct setting.
Emissions equipped cars from the mid 70ís and later had specific procedures to set the idle speeds and mixtures. Consult a service manual for exact specifications.

NOTE: Specific values for distributor according to distributor number and carburetor setting according to carburetor number are available for many years of vehicle, if you have a distributor or carburetor number and want specific values, contact me at

Question from Jim (413):

I'm getting ready to order a 'Tune-Up Kit' for my 1960 Imperial with the original 413 engine. Bernbaum's catalog asks if the car has 'single' or 'dual' points. Which is appropriate for a 1960 413?


From Chris:

You will want single points - unless someone has dropped a 300F Ram Induction engine into your LeBaron! The 300F was the only Chrysler to use dual points in 1960.

From Steve:

That one should be equipped with just a single point distributor. If you ever want to eliminate the points and condenser, I would suggest installing a complete electronic ignition system. You can purchased this kit right from Ma Chrysler for under 200.00 bucks. Very easy to install and you wouldn't believe the difference it makes in starting and performance of your car. If keeping the "original" look is important, it's pretty easy to hide the electronic control box in the front radiator cowl area.

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